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I am a: Man

Looking for a: Woman

First name: Ashok

Last name: Kanapathy

Age: 44 (02-04-1974)

Address: 100 Main Street

City/Town: Dallas

State/Province: TX

Postal Code: 76014

Country: United States  United States

google.com  Site/Blog: Google

Height: 5 ′ 6 ″ – 168 cm

Weight: 5 sts – 66 lbs – 30 kgs

complexion Fair

marital_status Never Married

drinking_habits Occational

mother_tongue Tamil

eating_habits Non Vegetarian

smoking_habits Never

religion Hindu

education Graduate School

college_name University of Texas

occupation Software Engineer

family_values Traditional

family_type Extended Family(Kootu Kudithanam)

family_status Upper

family_origin Sankillian Family, Podiyar Family,Muthaliar Family

family_origin_in_srilanka Colombo

hobbies_interests Cooking,Hiking,Travelling

favourite_music Rock,Pop,Reggae,Classic,Carnatic

sports_fitness_activities Kung Fu, Yoga

spoken_languages Tamil,English

partners_preferred_age 24

partners_preferred_height 5 ft 4 in

partners_marital_status Never Married

partners_physical_status Normal

my_physical_status Well Fit,Aethletic

partners_eating_habits Less on fat

partners_smoking_habits Never

partners_drinking_habits Social Drinker

partners_preferred_religion Hindu

partners_mother_tongue Tamil

partners_preferred_occupation House Wife,Engineer,Doctor

partners_preferred_citizenship USA,Canada,UK,Australia,Europe

partners_country_of_residence USA,Canada

partners_hobbies_interests Cooking,Hiking,Travelling

partners_state_province Florida,Ontario,Queensland,Victoria

partner_spoken_languages Tamil,English,Deutch,French

partners_favourite_music Rock,Pop,Reggae,Classic,Carnatic

partners_preferred_education College,High School,Graduate School

star Rohini

rasi Kanya

chevvai_dhosa_paavam 16

total_kiraga_paavam 42

native_of_father Point Pedro

number_of_children None

profile_created_by The full name of person created the profile

Join Date: 3 weeks ago.

Last Activity: 2 weeks ago.

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I am a well educated, looking for a family girl.
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